Every year, we throw away 1.5 billion coffee cups in Canada. 

We designed a reusable cup in Montreal with technology that allows self-service for borrowing and returning. 

Our members borrow cups from our partners, get discounts, and avoid creating waste. 

It’s a bit like the BIXI of coffee cups!


We are building a network of cafés, restaurants, and cafeterias ( academic and corporate) to replace food packaging. 

Reusable cup service 

Smart reusable cups made in Montreal, readers located at the cash register for loans, and collection bins for a quick return of cups. 

Pay a fee for each loan: No Investment 

1. Borrowing fees replace the cost of purchasing a disposable coffee cup: $0.10 per member to borrow a cup.

2. Your customers subscribe to the service for $10 per year (can borrow two cups at a time and get discounts. 

3. No purchase of hardware, cups or integration for you: if you have Wi-Fi and a dishwasher, anything is possible! 

Steps for a launch 

1. Reader installation at the cash register (Wi-Fi connexion and wire) 

2. Delivery of key fob, reusable cups and collection bins

3. Quick employee training and official launch ( information kiosk, printing, event, communications) 

If you like the concept, we offer a 1 month trial without charge or commitment!



Nicolas Horta-Adam // Software Developer

Daniel Stroppolo // Software Developer

Alain Gaeremynck // Software Architect

Gabrielle Roberton // Communications Manager

Pierre-Luc Lebrun // Industrial Designer

Marco Gartenhaus // Founder and CFO

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